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Is the Spinbrush ® Dangerous for Your Kids?

Posted on March 29th, 2013

Is the Spinbrush dangerous for your kids? Use caution with the  Spinbrush ®!

As parents, we want our children to develop good dental hygiene.  Part of this task is to make brushing a habit.  The Spinbrush® is a tool many parents have used to make brushing more fun and help kids do a more thorough job.  But can it pose a danger?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, it can.   After receiving a number of complaints about the toothbrushes, the FDA has begun an investigation.  They warn that the brush head can break off in the child’s mouth, causing cuts to the mouth and gums, and may even cause chipped or broken teeth.  There have been some reports that children have swallowed and choked on broken pieces, or received injuries to their face and eyes.Colgate Spinbrush

Manufacturers such as Arm & Hammer and Crest have responded by adding a safety warning to their packaging, and are conducting tests to improve the design.  While they have been responsive to consumer fears, there are a number of steps you should take as a parent to prevent an injury to your child.


  • Obviously, the most prudent step is to stop using the product until design changes improve its safety.
  • If you do decide to allow your child to continue to use the Spinbrush®, make sure the bristles are not loose and the brush head is tightly connected to the handle  Testing this outside the mouth with the head pointing away from you is advised
  • Teach your child not to bite the brush head while brushing
  • Always supervise your child when they are using the product
  • Be sure to follow the package instructions that came with the brush

You want to teach your children how to take care of their teeth – after all, their teeth need to last a lifetime!  Starting when they are very young, establishing a regular routine, and even brushing your teeth while they brush their own will help them to recognize and develop good habits of their own.  By the time your child is 4 or 5, they should be able to brush on their own with your supervision. Is the Spinbrush dangerous for your kids? You’ll need to decide based on the risks vs benefits. We think offering young children several ‘cool’ regular toothbrushes can be a safer method.

canstockphoto5195605We’re here to help!  Think of us as your partner in your child’s dental health.  We are always happy to help support your efforts by educating your child about prevention.

For more help on developing great oral health habits in your children, visit our website:  and download one of our colorful, printable charts – great educational tools for kids!




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