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When technology progresses, dentistry follows suit. Traditional x-rays and photography of yesterday have become digital now, making for more seamless processes and accurate recordkeeping. Dr. Kucera and the Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry team are enthusiastic about continuing education, learning new treatments and investing in new technology to allow for faster, easier treatments with the most accurate results possible. As a bonus, they are cool for kids to look at and learn about their teeth and what happens when Dr. K cleans or fixes them, too!

What About Anxious Kids?

Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry works with you and your child to soothe their fears. Involving kids in the entire process in language they understand keeps them engaged, and technology’s advances just help seal the deal. We take every measure we can to raise their comfort level in the dental chair, including quick, detailed digital x-rays with intraoral cameras that show them what we are seeing. If it seems necessary, sedation dentistry options are also available.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are significantly safer than they once were, producing up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays did. They are also more detailed and accurate, so small issues can be detected long before they become big problems. Digital x-rays are taken quickly and easily right from the dental chair (more comfortable to relax into), and images can be pulled up for viewing almost immediately.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras have made a huge impact on dentistry—no more dentists or hygienists “eyeballing” the mouth with the help of a small mirror and hoping for the best! Intraoral cameras now allow real-time, high-resolution images that can be magnified to detect problems earlier. Because we are all looking at the same thing at the same time on the same screen, you and your child can ask questions and get answers right away.

Clean Air

At Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry, your child’s safety is our number one priority. In an effort to improve the quality of air at both of our locations, we’ve installed advanced air purification into our A/C units. These units sterilize the air and remove all harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, and pollutants, improving air quality for all. Providing high quality air is only one way we are showing compassion and a commitment to the dental health and wellness of our community.

Experience the Caring Tree Difference

If you have any questions about our technology or would like to schedule an appointment with your gentle pediatric dentist, Dr. Kucera at Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry, give us a call today or request an appointment online below!

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