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Hospital Dentistry

When is Dental Anesthesia in the Hospital Necessary?

Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry knows just thinking about your child undergoing anesthesia in the hospital is incredibly stressful, but certain dental situations and other circumstances may make it the best option for your child’s procedure. Factors such as your child’s age, length of procedure, developmental issues, or extreme anxiety all come into play when hospital dentistry is recommended. Dr. K will discuss anesthesia risks and benefits at length with you and answer all your questions to help you make an educated decision about hospital dentistry.

Why Hospital Dentistry?

At times, a child needs to be unconscious for safe completion of a dental treatment. Some examples:

  • Another, more severe condition prohibits safe dental treatment under conscious sedation.
  • Oral surgery or other extensive dental treatment is needed that would not be tolerable while awake.
  • The procedure(s) will require an unusually long period of time in the dental chair.
  • Disability or very young age limits comprehension of directions or explanations, escalates fears, or makes withstanding a long procedure difficult.
  • Very fearful or anxious kids may be less traumatized under general anesthesia for dental work.

What Will Happen if My Child Needs Hospital Dentistry?

Prior to scheduling any general anesthesia procedure, your child needs a complete physical examination with bloodwork. You will be given detailed instructions outlining what and when children can eat and drink prior to the procedure – and don’t be shy about asking questions!

It is required by law that general anesthesia be administered in a hospital setting. Dr. Kucera is on staff at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Children usually return home the same day as the procedure and return to a normal schedule after resting at home for a day or two.

How Do I Talk to My Child About Hospital Dentistry?

If you need assistance finding age-appropriate language to discuss hospital dentistry with your child, our team is happy to help. Terms that are easily understood are usually the best choice, and it may take your child a few days to absorb the information and ask questions. Dr. Kucera and Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry are here to help you answer those questions. We want you and your child to feel as relaxed and confident about their procedure as possible.

Experience the Caring Tree Difference

If you have any questions about hospital dentistry or you’re ready to schedule a visit with your pediatric hospital dentist, Dr. Michelle Kucera at Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry, give us a call today or request an appointment easily online below!

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