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KARE-ing Tree Children’s Dentistry

Posted on August 28th, 2015
Kare Crisis Nursery
KARE Crisis Nursery Inc.

Kare Crisis Nursery – an asset to our community.

Look, here’s the reality of life – sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes, no matter how hard you hide the candy, your kids find it.  Sometimes, no matter how often you brush, you still get a cavity.  Sometimes, no matter how long you sit in front of the TV, there’s still just nothing on.  

And, sometimes, your family experiences a stressful situation, but, in Nevada County, there’s always someone around to help.  KARE Crisis Nursery has been around since 2000 for your family. KARE is a non-profit agency established to provide safe and nurturing care for the small children of families experiencing a stressful situation.  It is not a traditional day care, it is respite day care in emergencies.

The reality is that there are times in your life, in everyone’s life, where you are having just hard enough time keeping your own head above water, and you have no time, energy, or ability to keep your family afloat with you.  All you need is someone trusted to watch over your children for a short time, while you get things in better order.  KARE Crisis Nursery in Grass Valley has been that trusted friend, family, and care provider since 2000 and, so long as there is a need it will be there.

That is, it will be there as long as people in the community can help keep it there.  With that in mind, your dental family at Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry want to help make sure KARE is always there.  Because even a perfect smile can’t solve all your problems.

For the months of September and October, all money received by Caring Tree Children’s Dentistry from providing baby and toddler exams would go to the nursery.  That’s all money, not just profits, every dime.  At Caring Tree, we’re not just interested in happy teeth, we’re interested in happy children.

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