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General Health

Posted September 28, 2015 / Blog, General Health, Tobacco
Dr. Michelle Kucera

E-Cigarettes: An Update On Safety

E-Cigarettes: An Update On Safety and New Warnings In the winter of 2014, we published an article about e-cigarettes – exploring the risks to users’ oral health.  In case you missed it, you can read it here. At the time we wrote the article, there were several studies underway to determine the safety of e-cigarettes. […]

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Posted March 22, 2014 / Blog, Dental Health, Events in the News, General Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

How Safe is General Anesthesia During Dental Procedures on Young Children?

How safe is general anesthesia in dental procedures for children? When three-year-old Finley Boyle’s parents took her to the dentist last December, they expected to be returning home with her later that day – a bit tired and in some discomfort perhaps, but alive and well. According to court documents, Finley was undergoing four root […]

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Posted June 26, 2013 / Blog, Dental Health, General Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Does Your Toddler Seem To Have A Thumb or Pacifier Permanently Stuck In Her Mouth?

Babies nearly all love their pacifier or their thumb – or both!  The sucking reflex itself is instinctive.  Babies would quickly starve and perish if they didn’t possess this strong instinct. Will thumb sucking affect my child’s teeth? Via ultrasound, babies have been observed sucking their thumb at about 28 weeks in utero.  Thumb sucking is […]

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Posted May 23, 2013 / Blog, Dental Health, General Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Spit Out That Pacifier!

Spit out that pacifier! The drawbacks of pacifiers for your child are numerous. Little humans have a very strong sucking reflex.  It is one of Nature’s ways of keeping them alive.  Most babies and toddlers use a pacifier at some point in their development. These are considered a ‘transitional object’, and can help little ones […]

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Posted April 9, 2013 / Blog, Dental Health, General Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Are Over-The-Counter Teething Remedies Safe?

Are over-the-counter teething remedies safe? Your baby is teething.  She is cranky, drooling, and may not sleep as well.  Some will pull on their ears or rub their cheeks.  How can you help your baby feel better? Are over-the-counter teething remedies safe to use? Teething remedies are sold over the counter.  That means they are […]

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