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Just For Kids

Fun Educational Games and Stories. Cool charts, coloring pages, and stories!

Hi! We’re Caitlin and Carter, the Caring Tree Kids. We made this page just for you! We’re here to help you learn all about your teeth and gums.

Here are some cool coloring pages, great charts to help you brush, and a snack chart to help you choose foods that will make those teeth sparkle!

Education & Other Fun Stuff

We offer some more traditional options to help kids feel like part of their dental care in the form of downloadable, printable PDFs:

Coloring Pages so even our littlest patients can stay occupied and feel like part of things.

Charts about brushing, flossing and thumb sucking -your child can hang them up and check off each day for an extra sense of accomplishment.

Snack Chart is great for kitchen or pantry – it recommends healthy snacks and drinks for teeth and body.

Social Stories about their first visit to Caring Tree are an excellent way to put kids at ease from the start. The way the office looks will become familiar-beginning with opening the door to walk in. The books discuss what kinds of sounds come from dental machines, show what the dental chairs look like, and include pictures of Dr. K and the rest of the Caring Tree team, so we will not be strangers when we meet your child in person.

The Tooth Fairy around the world!

Dental fun for kids includes stories and myths

Nearly every country has a custom involving the Tooth Fairy. Here are a few just for fun:







South Africa


Costa Rica










Ancient Viking Customs

The Vikings paid a ‘tooth fee’ to children for the use of baby teeth. It is thought that these were collected and strung together to make jewelry.

Ancient superstition among the Vikings held that there was great power in children’s articles. Having something from a child, especially a baby tooth would bring power and luck in battle.

1061 E Main St. Ste 101
Grass Valley, CA 95945
150 Gateway Dr. Ste 110
Lincoln, CA 95648