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Dental Technology

Posted May 13, 2022 / Blog, Dental Technology
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Veneers

Cosmetic dental procedures have come a long way in the past decade. With better imaging technology and on-site milling, patients are receiving better quality, better looking, cosmetic dentistry than ever before. Depending on your desired outcome, porcelain veneers may be a great way to enhance your smile. However, with the various options, it’s good to […]

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Posted March 27, 2022 / Blog, Dental Services, Dental Technology
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

About 30-40 million people a year avoid the dentist due to feelings of anxiety and fear. Fear of going to the dentist is common and thankfully being talked about more and more in the dental world. Many dentists go to great lengths to help patients feel comfortable. They will offer spa-like amenities like warm towels, […]

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Posted December 27, 2021 / Blog, Dental Technology
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Does My Child Need a Dental Crown?

Baby teeth are important because they save space in the mouth for eventual adult teeth, in addition to helping kids learn to speak, bite, and chew properly. Baby teeth are temporary, but they do need to be functional for quite some time. First teeth appear around six months, while the last baby molars don’t fall […]

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Posted July 27, 2020 / Blog, Dental Services, Dental Technology
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Why Do Kids Need Space Maintainers?

If your child loses a tooth too soon or needs a baby tooth extracted due to decay, Dr. Michelle Kucera may recommend space maintainers to support their dental health. Space maintainers are custom-made acrylic or metal dental appliances that can either be removable or cemented into the mouth. Their purpose is to keep the space […]

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Posted June 27, 2020 / Blog, Dental Technology
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Zirconia Crowns for Kids

Zirconia has been used in major medical procedures like hip replacement for many years due to its strength and biocompatibility. It took the dental industry until the early 2000s to catch up, beginning with adult dental procedures such as dental implants, root canals and dental crowns. In 2010, zirconia became available for use in pediatric […]

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