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Posted April 13, 2018 / Blog, Dental Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Is Your Little One Getting Enough Calcium?

Calcium. We regularly hear how important calcium is for our kids’ diets. It’s vital for healthy growth. Calcium is a building block for strong bones. It helps with hormone balance and keeps the heart pumping and blood circulating normally. But, did you know that calcium is also vital for healthy teeth? Calcium builds strong bones. […]

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Posted March 19, 2018 / Blog
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Welcome Home

Welcome to our new website! We are thrilled with the launch of our new online home that will help us provide a better experience for our patients. This site is meant to be an extension of our practice that allows you to easily find information and schedule appointments, and a resource for our patients and […]

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Posted December 4, 2017 / Blog, Dental Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

My Child’s Dentist is Recommending a Frenectomy

If your child’s Pediatrician or Pediatric Dentist has recommended a Frenectomy it’s likely you want more information so you can make an educated decision about his or her care.

Let’s explore Frenectomies – what they are, the reason they can be necessary, the types which may be recommended, and the risks involved.

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Posted June 30, 2017 / Blog, Dental Procedures
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Wisdom Teeth: Do They Need To Be Extracted?

These third molars, when they grow in properly, have optimal bite alignment and healthy gum tissue are very useful for chewing. However, as the human jaw has evolved and adapted over thousands of years, our mouths have become smaller. In many cases, there simply isn’t room for these third molars in the modern mouth.

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Posted September 6, 2016 / Blog, Dental Health
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Can One Drop of Silver Diamine Fluoride Stop a Cavity?

Your child has a cavity. Is the dental drill a foregone conclusion? Not necessarily. Silver Diamine Fluoride, sold under the brand name Advantage Arrest™ manufactured by Elevate Oral Care, does a great job of arresting dental caries. History Silver Diamine Fluoride (referred to as SDF) is an antimicrobial liquid which has been proven effective in […]

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Posted June 1, 2016 / Blog, Dental Procedures
Dr. Michelle Kucera

Using Physical Restraint in Pediatric Dentistry

Exploring the Use of Physical Restraint in Pediatric Dentistry You may have seen the recent segment on CBS Channel 13 in reference to a child who was physically restrained during his dental treatment. This incident has sparked a heated debate. Why do Pediatric Dentists sometimes use physical restraints? (Often referred to as ‘Papoose Boards’) Under […]

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